[Efficacy and role of baby grass]_Maybe_Benefits

[Efficacy and role of baby grass]_Maybe_Benefits

Speaking of baby grass, many people will confuse it with baby vegetables. In fact, baby grass is also called purslane. It is a plant growing in the wild. It can be eaten or used to treat diseases.

Many people do not understand the efficacy and role of baby grass, in fact, baby grass can no longer enhance the vitality of the heart, reduce blood sugar and lipids, but also anti-inflammatory and sterilization, protecting the gastric mucosa.

The following are the effects and functions of baby grass, let’s take a look together?
First, the purslane’s effectiveness and role are many. Whether purslane itself is edible or vitamin, it can provide vitamins and minerals and glutathione and other beneficial nutrients when it is consumed. It is medicinalIt can be anti-inflammatory and bactericidal, can also strengthen the heart and lower blood sugar, and can also protect the gastric mucosa. It has an excellent therapeutic effect on human eczema, blood stasis, blood in the stool, and swollen scabies.

Second, the method of eating purslane 1. There are many ways to eat cold purslane. Purslane can be removed from roots and old stems after harvesting fresh purslane, and the fresh stems and leaves are used.Boil the water for a while, remove the water after removing it, add edible salt and rice vinegar, and garlic to remove the seasonings such as raw soy sauce and sesame oil and mix thoroughly. It is a delicious cold dish.

2. Purslane for winter vegetables Purslane is still the main raw material for making winter vegetables in many areas in China. People turn the fresh purslane into multiple processing processes such as cleaning, scalding, and chopping and drying, and finally getWinter vegetables, stored in a dry and sealed environment, can be taken out and eaten at any time in winter, and it is particularly good for meat or fish.

3. Purslane can make cakes Purslane is also a common method of eating. Usually, fresh purslane can be washed and chopped, salted for a while, and a small amount of spiced powder.The two eggs are turned into an egg mixture, and finally the flour is put into a batter.

Add a small amount of batter into a pan after putting oil in a pan, and fry until the surface is golden.

Third, purslane should be avoided: purslane is a cold product, weak spleen and stomach, fecal diarrhea and pregnant women should not eat it; avoid eating with pepper, the powder, and carapace.

Those with weak spleen and stomach and those with diarrhea and diarrhea should not eat; pregnant women, especially pregnant women with habitual abortion, should not eat, because purslane is cold and overeating.

There are disadvantages.

According to previous experience, purslane should not be eaten with soft-shelled turtles. Otherwise, other practical people may have gastrointestinal indigestion and food poisoning.

Purslane is suitable for people with gastrointestinal infections; suitable for people with rough and dry skin, vitamin A deficiency, corneal softening, xerophthalmia, night blindness; suitable for children with simple diarrhea, and children with pertussis; suitable for hookwormsSick patients; suitable for women under the vaginal discharge and pregnant women during labor; suitable for silicosis patients.