[Can’t eat durian with what]_ diet conditioning _ diet taboo

[Can’t eat durian with what]_ diet conditioning _ diet taboo

Some people like this fruit, durian, don’t like it. Some people like it because it is very nutritious and tastes great. Most people who do n’t like it are because the smell of durian is not good.

However, although durian has great benefits to the human body, there are too many contraindications. There are even many foods that cannot be eaten with durian. If they are eaten, there will be adverse reactions.

Let’s introduce what durian can’t eat with?

Foods that cannot be eaten with durian: 1.

Eggplant Durian cannot be eaten with eggplant.

Because eggplant and durian are eaten together, it will be very angry, not good for your health.


Cola Cola Durian cannot be eaten with Cola.

Do not drink cola after eating durian, because cola is a carbonated beverage containing caffeine, and eating with durian can easily cause sudden death.


Milk Milk durian cannot be eaten with milk.

Drinking milk after eating durian has poisoned cobra.

This statement sounds scary, but after the same meal, there will be adverse symptoms, because it will cause too much caffeine poisoning, which will cause blood pressure to rise and cause sudden death.

Some friends like to drink milk. If you accidentally eat it with durian, you must go to the hospital for gastric lavage immediately if there is insufficient food.


Crab Crab Durian cannot be eaten with crabs.

If you eat them together, it can easily cause severe stomach upset.


 Warm foods Durian cannot be eaten with warm foods, such as beef, lamb, dog meat, and seafood.

Because these foods are all hot and hot, they can become irritated or cause other diseases or cause previous diseases.


Liquor and white wine durian cannot be eaten with white wine. Liquor and durian are hot foods. If people with diabetes eat each other, it will cause blood vessel rupture, severe blood vessel burst, and stroke, so it should be eaten carefully.

Normal healthy people should also avoid taking it at the same time.

There have even been many cases of durian eating with white wine to death, so this point must be careful.